Living Earthly

Being open minded to try new things

Within one week, I cancelled my Orange Theory membership (to work with a Beachbody coach and train to become one myself), redyed my hair to platinum blonde with navy blue tips (my hair is naturally brown), started reading a book on novel writing (to participate in the upcoming NaNoWriMo), and drafted up the first posts for this brand new series to my blog.

These are just some of the changes that have happened in my life, all just within one week in August. I’m constantly making changes that continue to grow into better things as I gain new perspectives, or changes that get blown off when I realize they’re not necessarily what I want. Either way, whether you end up keeping that change for life, for a short period of time, or just for an hour before you realize there’s an even BETTER route to go, point is just to try. Get outside of your comfort zone. And don’t be afraid to look to what others are doing. Now I don’t mean in a negative comparison sort-of-way but to gain perspective on how you can maybe change things up. Some may see this as impulsive, but I see this as a way to continue growing.

Now, this new series of blog posts is in no way shape or form intended to get you to be like me. But since I can remember, I have always had a very strategic brain, trying to find my own way to approach the world and go about being a girl boss, so I want these posts to be little excerpts of me sharing what is currently working for me, in the hopes that you can come up with your own awesome strategy or just gain some inspiration and insight. I’m still growing and I don’t have the answers to everything – but isn’t that the fun in it? Isn’t that the point of being open minded and trying new things? This is the biggest key that has changed my life and made me who I am right now.

I grew up always knowing what I wanted and rejecting the rest, always focused (even if that focus was just on playing with my stuffed animals instead of playing hop scotch with everyone else), and while this is totally another subject to touch on as this actually did have some benefits in regards to my drive, I also graduated high school realizing I wanted to experience as much of life as I could – not just pursue one career, not just have one hobby, not just order the same thing from restaurants, not be afraid of things I’ve never done before. And since then, I have made it a mission of mine to say yes to more and explore every hobby that sparked my interest. I didn’t have the goal to be the best at any of these things but I recognized that I wanted more than just praise on one thing – I wanted to live an exciting life, not always just playing it safe.

Since then, I’ve been open to constantly saying yes (with the occasional no because it’s not actually plausible to literally say yes to everything, and sometimes I just genuinely want to say no), actively pursuing to learn about other people’s perspectives, and consistently making changes and adjustments to my life, everything from big changes like changing my career path to small adjustments like how I make my stir fry.

Be present, and get excited for the changes you can implement in your life. Not because there’s anything wrong with your life as it is, but because you’ll get to experience more and learn more about yourself when you just try something new.

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