Living Earthly

New Blog Series Announcement

Living Earthly – two words that sporadically came into my mind one day that would not let me concentrate anywhere else until I turned them from words in my head into reality.

That’s how Living Earthly was born in 2014 – a teenage college student rushing to the library to pull up WordPress to start the website that she thought could save the environment. Taking environmental science classes in school, I desired to spread what I was learning, dive into even more research and get other people to care just as much as I did. Eventually pouring myself into daily posts and more and more research I could begin to see all the potential Living Earthly had.

But something stopped me. Whether it was the simple dreaded writer’s block all of us bloggers agonize over, or the usual life things that pull us away from our passions such as the overplayed college roommate feud or graduating college only to find I wasn’t going to just become the next big environmental activist, I lost Living Earthly.

Now, not in the literal sense. Granted, I technically bought the domain online, ultimately keeping Living Earthly as more than a distant memory but still pushing it away as more of a project that I may only one day return to. And I’ve tried here and there with the occasional blog post, experimenting with social media, and brainstorming book ideas. But that’s all Living Earthly became – one massive brainstorm that has lasted years.

Today as environmental issues become more apparent, social media (despite its many benefits) lowers all of our self esteem, and I see a trend in everyone working very hard but still seeming disconnected, I realize the need for a helpful voice, a guide on how we can feel more connected with each other, the earth and ourselves.

I am definitely no expert as I still have SO much to learn on how to be sustainable, take better care of my physical and mental well-being and connect more with my peers. But I’m starting to realize all of these things are an ongoing process – something that does not have an end goal. Meaning if I keep waiting until my brainstorm is complete, Living Earthly will simply remain an unused domain and never be realized because I’m constantly going to be brainstorming and growing.

Which is where this new idea has come into play… or rather an old idea I suppressed. If you’re new here then you may not know the original Living Earthly blog was, not the site you see today. On there, I used to post daily environmental tips. Since then, I’ve expanded Living Earthly to not just mean of this earth, but also to represent living grounded and mindfully.

Now onto why I’m posting here today. Sometimes I might have a lot to say but realistically, each day I’m just implementing tiny new concepts into my life to find my own perfect strategy. So what if I started sharing those concepts? What if I began to post quick tips again on potential ways to live a more sustainable, mindful, and kind life? Like I said, I’m no expert but what’s the point in constantly contemplating, learning, and planning if I don’t share the skills I gain with others?

And so Living Earthly is reborn. Starting today, I’m going to be sharing passages of thoughts and tips that can hopefully help you in some way. Some of these passages will be short – maybe only one line and some may be long rants. And they probably won’t have dozens of pretty professional photographs, because I honestly am not good at photography. But free writing is what comes easiest to me and what brings me a lot of joy and peace, so I don’t want to attach too much of a structure to it. I just want to write.

Now I’m human, duh. So daily posts as I used to do is a bit too daunting, so I have a content plan of having either one post a week or two posts a week. I’m going to take the next month to post content and experiment with a schedule to see what works best.

So we’ll see how this new plan pans out. But for now, mark your calendar – Living Earthly is coming back this September.

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