Living Earthly

My Compass Cloud

A white puff of condensation carries over my fingertips
My heart, my soul, my mind all aligned
Dark shadows creep in on occasion
But each waking moment is like a new discovery

Through jobs, lost friendly faces and varying stability
Each day passed too quickly
And my footing kept stumbling on the rocky pebbles
I was running fast, but I was also drowning

Until the day I looked up

Like any lost soul scrambling for a steady path
I found myself falling face flat on the rocks
Raising back to my feet
And dusting off the sand, beginning the sprint again

Sometimes feeling terrified, chasing clouds without a cause
But other times the exhilaration of finding alignment carried me forward

Aches spreading throughout my mind and body
But instead of cowering in fear of connecting with my soul
Creative solutions spontaneously run through me
I can feel them in my bones

With a passion, a fire and a desire
I finally confronted all that unfolds
No more pushing back my real being to become one like the rest
The fuel in my compass cannot be betrayed

Soft thunder beckoning in the background
I feel one with both comfort and sadness
Because with each rain droplet
Comes a thirst for my mind to race

Playing games, movies and songs in my head
But these are no content of violence, greed and depression
Instead to my dreams and how I can make them my reality
While still grounding within my presence amongst the stormy clouds

And then the blue skies
All along following my compass cloud

The world now looks brand new
As if these past few months are all a blur
A cloud of stardust that brought me to this very moment
Of complete and total transformation

From the depths of my despair
I found in me acceptance
Not an acceptance to stay within my hut in the rainforest
But to explore the endless possibilities ready for me to bravely venture

Just one full moon cycle ago
I felt entirely different
As I expect with the next
But instead of letting the universe control me, I’m excited now to flow with it

The teardrops that brought me confusion as they blackened my pillowcase
All were needed to fully embrace the next joyous moment
Passion equals love, acceptance and creativity
In synch

A synchronous melody that I am beginning to cultivate

While the travelled road has been rocky
I pick up the pebbles with a smile
Knowing my guides are all around me
They have breathed the same air

And they float easily everyday

It is now that I realize the distinction between a flow and a task list
A big, bold line that I have drawn is broken
To allow the openness into the routine
And the drive into the meditative breath

All along I could have had the answers
But I also know that there is much more to come
The fun in the adventure is looking up into the sky
At each moment of each day

And the clouds continue to change shapes
Seeing what I’d like to see
Recognizing the universe is acting with my intentions
I begin following my compass cloud

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