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My Yoga Routine

As I prepare to roll out my mat, two different things may come across my head depending on the day I’m having. Some days I’m filled with excitement, anticipating the moment I can get into upward dog then stack my hips in downward dog and reach my knee up to the front of my mat into a lunge. Other days, I’m lying on my couch, my body feeling heavy and weighing me down as all I want to do is watch 10 episodes of Gossip Girl.

But almost every single day regardless of if I simply push through the groan of “I don’t feel like it” or I hop onto the mat, fully soaking in each and every pose, I end the routine the same every time. In complete and total bliss.

The exhaustion usually falls away as I focus in forward fold to a hop back into plank, energizing every fiber of my being and, in a way, feeling like I’m playing. And when I enter yoga in a good mood, I always find the practice challenging me but I stick through it to the end, always leaving my mood either amplified or relaxed by a job well done.

I cannot stress how much I recommend yoga to anyone who can get their hands on the internet or a good book and a comfortable space to stretch and strengthen on.

Realistically though, you can read about the benefits of yoga just about anywhere online. One simple Google search and you’ll find everything you probably need to know on why this practice is so amazing and great for you.

So this blog post isn’t to address the vast array of benefits you can reap from yoga, but instead an insight on how you can actually incorporate yoga into your day-to-day living.

There are a variety of different ways I’ve found yoga make its way into my life – whether it’s been getting a yoga “game” for the Wii, attending yoga classes nearby, keeping my yoga mat at easy reach to remind me of the practice, or mindfully inserting it into my daily routine so I know at this particular time every single day I need to do yoga.

And while all these tips worked, I noticed they only worked for short bursts of time and didn’t actually keep me either consistent or passionate about my practice. I kind of just showed up because it was convenient. But when I got rid of the Wii so I could no longer play my game, or when I graduated college so no longer had access to my group fitness classes, or when I moved so my yoga mat was no longer front and center in the living room and was instead pushed to the side, I found myself caving to the circumstance and watching my practice diminish.

As someone who is constantly ebbing and flowing between being strict routine and to-do lists, and then deciding to be more open minded and just see what the universe brings my way, I needed a strategy to get me into my yoga practice on a daily basis, no matter the circumstance or my current method to approaching my day-to-day.

How I Make Room for Yoga Almost Every Single Day

This is where it gets SO simple it’s crazy, BUT you have to be totally committed to this or it won’t work. My simple answer is… make it a priority. I have essentially decided the only way to make yoga a daily practice for me is that I have to actually find the first real opportunity I get every single day to do yoga.

Whether it’s embedded into my routine so I know it’ll happen, or if I’m going with the flow to just make sure in that first window of time in the day that I find to do yoga that I just do it, simply telling myself I am going to prioritize my health, mental well-being and how good I feel every day by incorporating yoga, I will do yoga almost everyday as soon as the opportunity arises.

And it works, folks! And not just with yoga, but I do this with meditation too.

So I can’t tell you exactly what time I do yoga on a daily basis or how I fit it into my day because this varies; I just have it as a priority and I do it as soon as I can every single day.

But let’s get onto the actual routine now, shall we?

My Yoga Routine

Once I have made that mental note that I shall now begin today’s practice, there’s a few things that I do first before rolling out my mat:

  1. Change into something comfortable and pull my hair back so it doesn’t get in my way
  2. Turn on ALL my mood lighting (string lights, LEDs, himalayan salt lamp, maybe even a lava lamp if I’m feeling it)
  3. Get a relaxing scent going (this can be lighting a candle, diffusing essential oils, lighting some incense or even burning sage)

Honestly, I don’t always do these things but I try to when the opportunity arises because it just sets such a wonderful tone for taking some time to yourself. Once I’ve done these things, rolled out my mat and have my yoga block nearby, I decide on how I will go about my practice that day.

There are 3 different people online I could potentially follow along with during my practice, or sometimes I’ll just do my own yoga set to a music playlist.

Oftentimes there are 2 people I will go back and forth with following along:

  1. Thriving Plant Based
  2. Boho Beautiful

I am subscribed to Thriving Plant Based and the Patreon for Boho Beautiful so that I can get longer content for my yoga practice. I started small originally with Boho Beautiful’s shorter, free videos on YouTube but I am now at a place in my practice that I prefer to do yoga that is longer than 30 minutes.

But if I am ever doing yoga with other people who may not be at a place yet where they are comfortable with longer sessions, I will either do one of Boho Beautiful’s regular YouTube videos or I’ll follow along a Yoga with Adriene video.

The way that I select which video to do, honestly, is I’ll just move on to whatever the next video is, not really considering 100% which one I feel like doing. And the reason that I do that is so that each time I step onto the mat I am challenging myself and being open minded in my practice, as opposed to being particular about what I plan on doing.


Disclaimer: Now, I do not have any major health conditions that would prevent me from being able to do this. But, please, if you have any health conditions, you may want to be more mindful about which yoga sessions you do, for how long, and if you may need to work with a professional yoga instructor in person as opposed to following along online (to make sure the practice is safe for you and that you are doing the poses properly).


Doing my own yoga practice away from following along with an online class, involves simply creating my own flow/routine. I create this based off of poses that I see on Instagram or YouTube that I maybe have not already implemented into my own flow. And I just kind of get creative with this. If this is something that you are interested in doing, some yoga Instagram accounts I recommend following include:

  1. Yoga
  2. Halonayoga
  3. Yoga.tutorials

I hope that helps you get an idea of ways maybe you can start implementing yoga into your daily routine! I am no yoga professional but it’s something that I greatly enjoy doing and really truly believe can be beneficial to everyone!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for blog posts you’d like for me to write, please leave them in the comments!

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