Living Earthly

Why You Should Love Buddha Bowls

Coming from the girl who used to pick the broccoli out of her dishes, gag at the taste of vegetables, and pick the green onions out of soup, I’d like to think I have now perfected the art of getting myself to eat my produce. While I am by no means a chef and still have much to learn in the realm of cultivating delicious creations, I’ve learned a system that seems to work best for me in getting myself to devour a nutritious meal. And that is the art of the Buddha Bowl.

This technique to creating dishes is nothing new, although the trend of making them has recently skyrocketed. Therefore, you’ve probably heard these words used once or twice, or many times. But I realized in my discussions with people, everyone has a different idea of what exactly a Buddha Bowl is. If you’ve eaten one in a restaurant, maybe you’ve been placed a delicious bowl of what appears to be handcrafted ramen in front of you, or maybe you were handed a huge salad topped with tofu. It seems a Buddha Bowl is any food essentially in a bowl!

Not necessarily though. The way I perceive the Buddha Bowl creation is that it is a bowl that essentially contains everything (or at least most things) that you need in your diet, on one plate (or bowl I suppose):

– Protein

– Fat

– Carbs

– Raw Vegetables (Nutrients)

– Cooked Vegetables (Nutrients)

– Sauce & Toppings (Don’t necessarily need it for dietary purposes, but we all like a good dose of sriracha, mustard, ketchup or whatever floats your saucy boat!)

The way that I like to make my Buddha Bowls and how I’ve essentially convinced myself to finally actually love and crave vegetables is by making up the bowl out of my favorite foods from each category.

For example, I absolutely love tofu so that often makes an appearance. The fat in my dish comes from the oil I cook my vegetables in (I try to keep it to healthier oils – olive or coconut, but if you don’t like to use oil simply use a different fat like an avocado!). The carbs pretty much always come from potatoes (sweet or standard). Let’s be real – the potatoes are always the star of the dish for me. For raw vegetables I like to include some sort of leafy green, usually either raw spinach or butter lettuce. For cooked vegetables my favorites are mushrooms, peppers, zucchini, carrots, etc. And I LOVE sriracha and mustard so I always douse my food in that, and a couple sprigs of cilantro always add a lovely depth to the dish.

Now my Buddha Bowls vary every time I make them – based on what I have and based on what I’m craving that day. Sometimes I won’t use any potatoes and I’ll make a ramen dish.

The possibilities are endless! Don’t be afraid of vegetables and don’t be afraid of creating meals without a recipe and especially don’t be afraid of trying to just use what you have. Eating healthy doesn’t need to be expensive.

Take a look in your fridge and get creating!

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