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Summer 2017 Bucket List

If you’re a teen reading this, then you are probably already enjoying an epic summer. Or you’re in bed watching Netflix all day wondering how you can have an epic summer. If you’re new to the adult world, then you’re like me and it is sinking in that adults don’t get summer. And that’s lame. So I decided to create a list of all the awesome things I want to fill my free time with this summer. And of course, why not share it with all you beautiful people! So whether you’re a teenager or an adult, have some fun this summer, live presently, take pictures, and don’t waste it away watching television. Binge watch your shows in between all of the epicness that is laid out in this blog post. Enjoy folks. 🙂

Summer 2017 Bucket List

– Go on a road trip

– Watch the sunrise and the sunset

– Go to an amusement park

– Go to a water park

– Randomly travel somewhere with no plan where you’re going

– Go rock climbing

– Go snorkeling

– Go to the beach

– Make cute summer drinks

– Play with sparklers

– Have a picnic

– Go to the farmer’s market

– Paint

– Play with puppies

– DIY summer clothing

– DIY summer scrapbook

– Go hiking

– Go kayaking

– Learn a new skill/gain a new hobby

And there you have it! Of course there is way more fun stuff you can do as well, but my brain can only come up with so much. So please share in the comments any cool plans you have this summer or anything that you think should be added to this list!

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