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Spring Clean Your Mind

Once January 1 rolls around each year, we all get pumped about the things we want to explore and endeavor or the changes we want to make in our lives. Give it a few months though and granted most of us steer completely off course. Once the Spring rolls around, our homes are messy, the responsibilities grow exponentially, and we basically feel like one big hot mess. Then comes social media with pictures of donut pool floaties and mimosas, and we wonder why our lives are not nearly that perfect.

Trust me. That person taking the donut pool floatie may be all alone in the pool while her friends are at work and too busy to join her in her one-person pool party. Or maybe she’s drinking a mimosa alone. Not to be all depressing, but social media obviously is not going to show those things. Social media is just going to show the highlights. Everyone is going through this. You are not alone.

Because of the hectic craziness that is the Spring/Summertime, most people will declutter, clean and organize their homes. I am here to tell you that it is equally important for you to declutter, clean and organize your mind. I just filmed a video today regarding the reasons I haven’t been posting on my YouTube channel and blog. And part of it has to do with all of the change that is currently going on in my life. Another part of it though is I am insecure and quite frankly, not sure how to organize my downtime.

At home, I have what feels like a million responsibilities – taking care of my 4 pets, cooking, cleaning, exercising, trying to take a breather. But in reality, I could streamline all of these processes if I came up with a routine or a strategy. Now, I am queen of developing routines and strategies, deciding they suck, and going back to going with the flow. It is great to go with the flow, but like I wrote in a previous post, if all you do is go with the flow your life will feel chaotic and you’re not going to be striving toward your goals. My biggest struggle of lately then has been trying to figure out how to live freely as well as with strategy. I always thought you can only do one or the other.

Right now I want you to get a notebook out. Dedicate this notebook to essentially be your vomit journal. This is going to be your journal where you scribble down all your thoughts, ideas, research, etc. Right there you have all the crazy workings of your mind. From there come up with a morning routine and a night routine that will fit in all the things you want to work on. Then everything else can go on its own separate list of things to work on when you have the time. Also schedule one lazy day each week. On this day you should spend about half the day cleaning and doing house chores and then the rest of the day should be spent relaxing and doing what makes you happy. This is pretty much as much planning as I like to do. If you want to delve deeper into planning, do it. Basically get everything down on paper to give you some clarity.

What tends to go wrong past this point for me is that I start saying no to opportunities. I say no to opportunities because they were not an original part of my plan. So the way I am planning now is not set-in-stone plans. They are simply a guide to how to go throughout my day, still leaving plenty of room for detours. For example, if I planned on writing a blog post today but instead was invited to go on a free trip to Europe, I’m not going to decline the greater opportunity. I can simply write the blog post on the plane ride or that night or the next day.

What I’m getting at here is don’t just spring clean your home. Take some time to get your thoughts out onto paper (or on whatever device you’re using), and come up with a strategy that eases your mind and makes your daily responsibilities plus the goals you want to achieve doable.

Please comment down below if you have any methods of planning that leaves plenty of room for detours!

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