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How To Be More Positive

1. Live with intention. Set goals and create a purpose for yourself.
If you want the world to stop commanding from you, you need to know what your goals are. Otherwise, you will only be working to achieve someone else’s goal. It can be big or small, whatever will make you happy. Try imagining what you want your life to look like. What are you doing? If you’re not sure what you want, a hack I have always used is to look at my role model or an individual whose life I admire. Try to pick out what it is about their life that you admire. Look up what they did to achieve those things and this can get you on the right path to goal setting. Having goals is important, because if all you do is go with the flow you are letting random events determine what happens in your life, compared to just making the things happen that you actually want to happen.
2. Get up early in the A.M. and affirm to yourself that you will get things done that day. Pump yourself up.
Getting up early does not mean you have to get up at the crack of dawn. But if you are someone who gets up at noon, you have already slept through half of the day. Even if you stay up late at night, your body is meant to be awake during the daylight and resting during the nighttime. By giving yourself more daylight to get things done, you are more likely to accomplish more and experience more during the day. I recommend trying to wake up no later than 8 a.m. on a daily basis. If you set an alarm everyday, and then have one or two days a week where you don’t set an alarm, your body will grow accustomed to that wake-up time, and on your days off of the alarm you are likely to only sleep in for an hour or two. If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, either turn the option to snooze off or only allow yourself to press the snooze button once. Start your day with an affirmation and use this affirmation anytime you are feeling down throughout the day. You can use whatever affirmation works for you. It may sound cheesy, but it actually works so don’t knock it until you try it! I like to repeat “Live with intention. Today will be productive.” This affirmation gets me motivated that I am moving closer to my goals.
3. Have a morning ritual – something to look forward to each morning.
It is equally as important as setting goals, to be present in the moment and enjoy your day. One hack to getting up in the morning is having some kind of ritual/routine that you enjoy doing every morning. For some this may be a nice long walk, a hardcore workout, a 30 minute reading session, video games, etc. For me I just like to spend an hour in the morning relaxing, drinking a full glass of water, a nice hot coffee, and eating my breakfast while I watch cartoons or veg out on my computer. Having this hour of relaxation is important to me so I don’t start out the day hectic and in a rush. It basically sets the tone for the rest of my day. And even if the rest of the day is awful, at least I can look forward to that peaceful hour the next morning. I also do the same at night. I like to just veg out for a bit before I go to bed at night compared to just working myself until I fall asleep.
4. Get into the habit of stretching and meditating.
In the crazy hectic stress that is everything, it is super easy to forget to take a step back and breathe and tend to your body’s needs. When you feel like you are about to break, that is usually when you will notice you need to do this. But in reality, you should make this a habit you do on a daily basis. This way you are constantly tending to your mental and physical well being. It is up to you what time of day you do this – whether you prefer in the morning, after work, before bed. I recommend doing both yoga and meditation. Some great guided yoga and meditation videos can be found on YouTube. My favorites are Yoga With Adriene and Boho Beautiful. Creating the habit of daily yoga and meditation will help you maintain a clear and focused mind, as well as a sense of peace.
5. Keep a to-do list/ have things written down.
I would like to clarify that while it is important to go with the flow and not over stress, it is important not to go with the flow so much that your entire day is random occurrences. You should have at least a general guideline of what the day is going to look like, what your responsibilities are, and what you plan on getting done. Keeping a to-do list that you check off throughout the day will help ensure you are working toward your goals that you have set out for yourself. When you are following a list, this also helps you focus on the task at hand, and less on distracting thoughts. Going throughout your day without an idea of what you should be doing can cause you to act based on emotions instead of rationality. Whereas if you are following a list or have specific rules set out on how you are going to go about the day, you are more likely to focus on the tasks at hand instead of emotions. Make sure though when making lists that you are reasonable about what you can actually do. Do not plan more than you can actually do, or else you may just end up stressed.
6. Make sure your goals are well defined. Know what it will take to reach them.
To create a to-do list and to know how exactly you are going to reach your goals, you need to break down your goals into small do-able tasks. Think of it like the tasks should not take you hours to complete. They should be tasks that you can complete within 10-60 minutes. Get out a notebook and write at the top of each page what the goal is you are trying to achieve. Make sure the goal you are writing down is specific. Then write down every thought that comes to you on how you can achieve that goal. It’s okay if it seems silly or incredibly simple. Write it all down. You can edit the list later. Once you have completed your brainstorm, go through the list and number it to put it in the order of completion. You can also use this time to cross out the tasks that you realize you won’t need to do. This will aid you in achieving these goals and knowing what tasks to add to your daily to-dos.
Always keep in mind that you cannot change your mindset simply by doing things differently. You must make that conscious decision that you want to think more positively and consistently make that effort. Try to be present in the moment. Enjoy every moment of the day. Also set goals and have a direction for yourself so you always have something to look forward to and so you can live the life that you want to live. I hope these tips were helpful to you and please comment below any more tips you may be able to offer!
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